The KUM NYE system in Tibetan Yoga is re- elaborated by the Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku and is adapted specifically to suit the needs and problems of Western man, although the principles, the ideas and the practices are based on the Nyingma Buddhist tradition, this system does not indulge in theories concerning Buddhism.

Every person must recognize the problems and the essential values of human life in order to be able to choose the right direction. The values analysed are aimed at persons stimulated to reconsider and re-evaluate the situation they are living at the moment and through this awakening they may take the path to growth and maturity. The starting point is the awareness of one’s self placed in a wider, continually expanding vital flow of energy. It is possible to grow only if we stop fighting this current by maintaining tensions and constructing blockades. Growth can take place when we learn to relax and permit this vital current to flow calmly.

The first basis is RELAXATION and relaxation begins with the AWARENESS of the sensations we are feeling.
The KUM NYE system of exercises is based on three pillars:

relaxation – awareness – meditation

In the yoga process the series of exercises and postures aim at increasing the awareness of the body through experimentation and listening to the sensations focalized within the body. Relaxation is the first step towards the application of the seven gestures, breathing and stillness alternated with movement.We gradually develop and integrate awareness of our body, our breathing and our mind.The KUM NYE path prepares us to:



awaken our awareness •relax our body and mind



ransformation and change •well-being, joy and interest in life



introduce us gradually to power and to the spiritual path.